Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From Denver to Iceland to Munich to Muehldorf

Our flight beginning in Denver was fairly uneventful.  Chris took forever to get through security in Denver, so we challenged him to be the first person for everything we do in Germany.  The food on the plane was edible, but the sandwich gave me heartburn.  The bus showed up about 10 minutes late.  This worried me because Germans are known for always being on time.  The bus was much larger than the shuttle that has picked us up in the past.  I'm happy about that because the students can bring back extra stuff as souvenirs if they want to coordinate an extra suitcase or two.   The weather in Iceland was windy and cold.  It was really refreshing after the stuffy cabin air in the plane.  I watched American Hustle on the plane, but I missed the end so hopefully I can finish it on the way back.

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